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According to the Bible, Emmaus is a small town located about ten kilometers from Jerusalem (Lk 24:13); There this wonderful story happened: two disciples of Jesus returning home were talking and discussing and were very discouraged about the recent events of the Master's crucifixion. Suddenly, someone met them on the road and started chatting  with them, explaining many things.

When they arrived at his town, the stranger pretended to continue on his way, but they told him, "Stay with us because it is late and the day is ending". When they were sitting at the dinner table, the stranger broke bread and blessed it. It was then that the eyes of the pilgrims were opened and they recognized that it was Christ, who had risen. He disappeared from their sight and they said to each other, "Didn't our hearts burn, as he spoke to us on the way?" (Cf. Lc 2, 13-32).

At Hogar Emaús we are fortunate that this story repeats itself every day. We host many strangers who have come to us on the road of life and to each of them we say, "Stay with us because it is late, the day is ending."


We continually live the event of welcoming into our home those whom at first we do not recognize and with whom we share bread every day and, when we open our eyes wide, our mind lights up, our heart burns and miraculously they stop looking strange to us. Now they are the image of the Master whom  we must love and serve. His presence in our home gives meaning to who we are and what we do.

Each of our guests has a name and a story. They have also suffered needs before the  misfortune of their own illness or that of a relative. As a result, they left their homes, sometimes without the essentials. We work to alleviate their situation. We make them an important part of our life. For them, we exist as a Foundation. Serving and helping them is our mission.

I am convinced that God manifests himself every day at Hogar Emaús. We are witnesses to the signs of their love and if we pay attention, we can discover in the gratitude of the poor and the sick, in the service of our volunteers, in the smile of the children, in the deep sleep of those who have entrusted us to rest and replenish your strength.

Undoubtedly, God is in the pain and suffering of those who have come to our home. We must be prepared to receive them and treat them with the best that we have in our hearts.

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To help vulnerable and low-income, non-contagious patients and relatives of hospitalized patients with food, lodging, psychological and spiritual support.

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To consolidate ourselves as a humanitarian aid institution that provides excellent service through a high level of organization and capacity for growth, with the intention of establishing our project in different cities of the country to fulfill our mission.


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Made up of a group of socially committed people who are in charge of directing and managing the actions of our foundation, with the aim of solving the problems and needs of the foundation and to carry out compliance as established by Hogar Emaús.

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